The Beginning of drone flying hobby

There are so many hobbies on earth to do but drone flying is a bit different.

If you want to involve seriously in this hobby, you should have the quality of ‘patience’.

I don’t recommend this hobby to impatient people who never can enjoy like others. That’s why we need a lot of patience to follow up this hobby.

Some people buy drone out of curiosity and end up within days. 

Like many other hobbies, we need a small amount of money to start with this wonderful hobby - an amount to buy a drone and little more to keep for future use when we need extra batteries or other spare parts.

First things first

If you decided to start this hobby, you need a quick research about UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) systems, high performance and low cost drones, best drones for beginners, etc.

Online search is better than hearsay from others. Of course we can surf in the internet if you need more details and knowledge.

When you complete your research about drones, you can decide your budget.  Keep little more amounts always in your budget. You should keep some extra money to buy spare batteries or spare parts in case you need it.

Next step is buying of your dream drone. When you visit the shop or their website, you will see many other drones with different functions and prices. DON’T buy any other drones because of price, color or anything but just buy which you go for. Otherwise, you need different budget and research about that particular model.

Ask your supplier to check the drone before you leave the shop. When you reach home, read the instruction manual before you start your first flight. It’s important because many models and brands have different operations.

First flight

Read carefully the instruction manual because you should have the knowledge about how to charge battery, how to install propellers in the aircraft, how to install propeller guards, how to install batteries in your TX (Transmitter / controller), how to arm the motors, how to use throttle stick for ascending/descending, how to use yaw stick for forward/backward, how to use 3D flip button, how to use camera button, how to install FPV app on your phone if your drone is a Wi-Fi FPV version, how to see camera view before your flight and so on.

Once you are familiar with your drone and its operation, charge the aircraft battery (LiPo) as instructed in the manual. Do not leave the battery unattended when you charge. You should remove it when charged full which can avoid damage of battery or your properties!

 Now you are ready for your first flight but do not fly indoor. Choose a good open area outdoor. If you are going to fly in a park, you need prior permission from the park authorities and do not fly near or above people.

Keep the instruction manual with you always when you go for flying your drone. Sometimes, you will need it.

Allow the drone to cool its motors sometime after each battery finish ( 5-10 minutes) because these small motors are easy to heat and if over heat, it will damage soon. Most of the small and cheap drones come with brushed motors. Unlike brushless motors, these small things are easy to getting hot and damage.

Fly with care and caution. Don’t be nervous on your first flight. Once you take your drone in to the air, you will enjoy it and never stop!

Beginner level drones

There are many manufacturers in drone industry but popular brands are few. Some of those popular brands and models are here for your consideration:

  Cheerson CX-10A                  

   Eachine E61                   

  Hubsan H107D+                

Please click the drone which will lead you to more details and the price.

Wish you a safe flying experience!


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