Super flight time drone - Hubsan Zino Pro+ with 43 minutes

The greed of a drone hobbyist starts from how to get more flight time than the original stock battery!
In the past, the average flight time of a non GPS hobby drone was 7-10 minutes. Now many manufacturers increased the flight time up to 15 minutes.
GPS drone average flight time was 20-25 minutes which increased to 30-35 minutes.
Hubsan is going to release ZINO Pro+ with 43 minutes long flight time and 8km of video transmission!

If Hubsan succeeds in this model of Zino Pro+ with at least a 40 minutes of flight time, DJI like drone manufacturers will be in trouble to research and increase the flight time of new model drones!
43 minutes of flight time will pop the eyes of drone hobbyists however the continuous use of the aircraft may decrease the lifespan of mainboard, motors, gimbal camera and the battery itself!
Even if Hubsan installs a cooling fan for the mainboard, durability of other aircraft parts will be a big question when Hubsan decides to sell it with lower price starting from $399 for the standard version.

Hubsan introduces Sync LEAS technology for uninterrupted video transmission experience in this ZINO Pro+ model and in ZINO 2+ model. It is 4 km video transmission distance in ZINO Pro but this new version comes with 8km video transmission distance.

Hubsan will release this model in the middle of August 2020.
First launching will be in Chinese market, then to international markets.

Let us wait and welcome to see how this new model satisfy drone hobbyists!

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