How to find lost GPS drone

Drones are very interesting and exciting to fly. GPS drones with HD camera and multi functions such as RTH (Return To Home), Follow Me mode, Altitude Hold mode, Orbit mode (circle fly) makes a drone pilot really crazy!

Sometimes GPS drones may fly away from pilot and unable to retrieve it.

If you are patient enough, you can retrieve your drone easily. Anyway prevention is better than cure!

As I explained before, do the geo magnetic calibration slowly and make sure there is no magnetic interference near the drone when calibrate.

Try to keep your drone LOS (Line Of Sight) and do not fly too high.

In some situations, even though you did all necessary steps before flying, it may fly away because of various reasons such as interference on air, wind or even mechanical problems.

What should we do in that case?

Please be calm and hit the RTH button as a last try and wait sometime. Do not turn off the FPV monitor and controller. Take a photo of FPV monitor before you turn off the controller/monitor as in the picture below.

You can see GPS coordinates in that picture marked(N18.4602975, E105.5349873).

We need that coordinates to track your drone. You can use those coordinates in google maps or some other applications online to track your drone.

How to use GPS coordinates

Go to

Type the coordinates (18.4602975, 105.5349973) on the search box and enter.

Now you can see the marked location with address.

Click on the 'Satellite' window to see in detail and 'Zoom' by clicking on the + button.

Now you can search your drone in that area.

Always take precautions before each flight. Calibrate compass (Geo magnetic calibration) for each flight is advisable.

Happy flying!!!


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