Fly your drone safe and avoid flyaway!

The GPS module in drones has a built-in magnetic field sensor for measuring the geomagnetic field, which is not the same in all areas. The GPS module will not work unless the Compass Module has been connected.

Compass calibration

‘Flyaway’ can be avoided if you care your drone well. Just do the ‘geomagnetic calibration/compass calibration’ before each flight especially if you are flying in a different area. To keep the compass module away from magnetic objects, you MUST do the compass calibration. Otherwise, it may damage the compass module and lead the aircraft to work abnormally or even be out of control. Make sure to keep away from other electronic equipment when calibrating and flying. If calibration failures continue, it might suggest that there is magnetic interference or material in the area and you should consider avoiding flying in that area.

If your drone is hovering in a circular pattern or flies to the left when attempting to fly straight forward, or to the right if you are trying to fly backward, then you have a clear sign to re-calibrate the compass.

Must avoid

Avoid flying near high-tension power lines, cell phone antennas or microwave antennas. They are known to interfere with communication between the transmitter and receiver which may make your drone sick and flyaway!

Fly with GPS

GPS is used by your drone to fly autonomous missions with the mobile app such as way point mode, orbit mode, follow me mode and to know its position in space. If you do not reach the minimum amount of GPS signals required to take off, you will not be able to take off and start the mission. GPS signals can be disrupted by many things such as mountains, foliage, cloud cover, etc. The GPS also communicates with the compass. The compass allows the drone to know its heading or direction in space. If the compass has not been calibrated, the GPS will not allow the drone to initiate a mission. The compass has an internal magnetometer that can be affected by things like reinforced concrete, buildings, and antennas. These are all considerations to take into account when choosing a place to plan a mission, and more importantly where to start the mission.


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