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We started Flycamworld.com after a long period of research about Radio Controlled toys and professional drones. DRONE stands for Dynamic Remotely Operated Navigation Equipment. It's an UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) which controlled remotely by a person or computer system and fly without a human pilot on board. Story of the drones started before the 18th century. Drones were used and using by defense departments of many countries. 


UAV systems are very popular now with cheap price and hobbyists are on it. Besides, professional level drones are popular to make aerial photos, videos, event videos and in the movie industry!


Flycamworld.com intend to promote RC toys among children above 14 years and at the same time for adult users and hobby enthusiasts by providing good quality RC drones, RC cars, RC helicopters and accessories for the same.


We hope that you will like our policies about pricing and choosing quality drones from various popular and non popular manufacturers which will give you a wide range of selection!


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